Community engagement


Community engagement

Everyone working for us knows how satisfying it is to be able to contribute to society. We almost always work in a shifting social context, which is why the people at P5COM have established a number of activities and structures to actively shape and develop their engagement with the community.

Sponsored sports

P5COM employees enjoy pursuing high standards. And that drive for excellence is not limited to our working environment. We also enjoy grappling with challenges in our private lives as well – preferably in concert with others. That’s why our sports policy aims to encourage everyone to stay in peak condition wherever possible. When we compete in sporting events, we cordially invite colleagues from our clients’ organizations to join in. For every official sports-related achievement that is a personal new discovery for the participant, or breaks a personal record for speed or distance, P5COM donates fifty euros to charity.

Improvement programs for charities

We are inspired by sharing our knowledge and expertise with others. That basic principle gave rise to the idea of supporting Dutch charities by offering improvement programs. Employees who are interested in these initiatives receive the room to help charities independently or in teams without charging those organizations a fee for their efforts. Options include helping charities gain a better understanding of their results, mapping out processes and bottlenecks, writing business cases, or providing support in designing and implementing new processes and methods. And that’s just a few suggestions; the issues that could be addressed might be very different. The learning and improvement process is not limited to the charity that hosts the project. It is often the younger, passionate P5COM employees who enjoy implementing an independent project for charity. They can always rely on the knowledge and experience of our entire organization.

Does your charity need assistance?

P5COM is always curious to learn more about organizations that represent a charitable cause in the Netherlands related to health care or quality of life for others. There are two basic conditions for consideration: the organization must be based in the Netherlands, and it must not be dependent on government subsidies. If you need assistance that we might be able to provide, please contact us! Lucinde Stiekema would be happy to hear from you at .