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We help organizations to keep performing better. That makes it paramount to take effective account of the defining characteristics of each sector and the strong and weak points of every organization, while consistently upholding our own professional principles. The main ones are set out below. They are connected to the 5 p’s behind our name: profitability, personalism, professionalism, profoundness, and pragmatism.

Give guarantees

We are not out to sell a particular product or champion a means to an end. Rather, we ally ourselves with the strategic objectives of your organization – to achieve them with you. Guaranteed. This means that we make no promises which we cannot keep, that we don’t stop until you get the desired result, and that we always do this in a way which best suits your organization. This is what makes working with P5COM demonstrably profitable – time and time again.

Work together

Sustained improvement can only be achieved through a genuine team effort. After all, the results need to endure, even after we have left. So all decisions are in your hands. Our job is to help you implement them. How? By giving you and your people the personal attention you need to make change enjoyable and educational no matter how serious the consequences may be.

Get it and forget it

From one sector to the next, we’ve seen it all. We know all too well how a seemingly innocent decision can play out, which is why we have trained ourselves to listen carefully and ask the right questions. It’s all part of our standard approach. But at the same time, we start each project with a completely open mind out of our professional conviction that no two situations are alike.

Get on the shop floor

Achieving high aims all starts in daily practice. We cannot provide good advice until we know exactly what happens on the shop floor. And we cannot truly implement change until we witness first-hand how your employees do their job. This is why we cycle along with your district nurse, shadow the secretary for a day, or make the rounds with your mechanics. So that we can be assured that the changes are practicable and will actually connect – and so that you can put them into and keep them in place.

Underestimate nothing

A change project is never simple. First of all, it calls for reducing complex subject matter and abstract objectives to measurable results. Such as cutting waiting times by six months or improving customer satisfaction by a certain percentage. It also means making the organization conducive to change because, ultimately, your people will need to work with it. If you want to achieve change, your people will immediately need to start doing things differently. Or perhaps even start doing different things.

People Excellence Lab

The professionals at P5COM continuously develop operational and service excellence within organizations. They help organizations to enhance their customer and employee satisfaction, improve their financial results, and strengthen their position in the labour market. In addition, a group of professionals from P5COM develop innovative improvement concepts for operational and service excellence to make them available to our clients. It all happens in the People Excellence Lab. Check out the possibilities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We work daily for organizations in the semi-public sector. And that’s for good reason. We are closely involved in society. That societal engagement is also expressed in tangible ways outside our work in all shapes and forms, such as sponsored sports or improvement projects for charities. And above all through our partnership with the Dutch Service Dogs Foundation. Just like us, they help people perform to the best of their ability – and enjoy it too.


From one person to the next, everyone at P5COM is an expert in reducing complex issues to practicable solutions and getting people involved in change.

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