Inspiring performance

We help organizations to perform better – now and in the future.

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3,0 : 1 that’s the average return on investment for our clients
70% that’s how much of their investment our clients recoup on average by the end of the project
21% that’s the average increase in client satisfaction for projects in 2016

What we do

Sustained improvement in results, greater customer satisfaction, and employees who are proud of their work: that is what we help organizations to achieve. How? By getting them to focus better on their primary objective, working with them on the shop floor, and creating the right conditions for success.

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Inspiring performance

High and clear aims, practicable methods, an open mind, and real teamwork: that’s the standard approach. All the rest is custom work, because every sector is different and each organization is unique. How does that translate into teamwork and actual results? Read on to find out.

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P5COM and the Dutch Service Dogs Foundation
The Dutch Service Dogs Foundation and P5COM Join Forces
Hospitals in Armenia
MeanderGroup – lower overheads, better management
Knowing where you stand, so you can do the right things
Consolidated – putting customers first

The people at P5COM

From one person to the next, everyone at P5COM is an expert in reducing complex issues to practicable solutions and getting people involved in change.

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Keen to find out what a P5COM consultant can do for you?

From improved cash flow to higher customer satisfaction and team performance – whether you work for a local authority, in healthcare, education, or the building trade – there is almost always a P5COM consultant who can help you. You can see it in our business cases and by what our clients say. Or just ask, and we’ll be happy to enlighten you.

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